Collette’s incredible house restoration

Colleete's on site

At Jason Gardiner Builders we get a lot of pleasure from seeing a home transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We work alongside our clients and trusted contacts (such as architects) very closely and at every step of the way – regardless of the size or difficulty of any renovation project. Ongoing communication is the vital ingredient in making sure our work is aligned with our clients’ vision.

When Collette asked us to work with her to renovate her property, we knew it would be one of our most challenging and memorable projects to date.

This is the type of renovation that doesn’t come along very often. Houses like these are more often demolished than restored, so the task (which is still underway), was an incredibly significant and exciting one!

Collette’s home before the renovation project commenced…

Front of house before renovation

And now …

Front of the house under renovation

“Jason and his team have been great. They are artisans – not just builders. Taking this job on they have had to figure a lot of things out as they go – nothing is standard.”


As you can see, we still have work to do, so we will be back with final ‘after’ pics as soon as the project is complete.

front porch after renovation by Jason Gardiner Builders

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